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October 19, 2012
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To anyone who wants to claim that 'reparative' therapy (to convert homosexuals to heterosexuals) should be legal for minors:  at least be honest about what you support.
  • Systematically dehumanizing patients by telling them that they are dirty, broken, and shameful.  Verbal abuse is a central part of the therapy.
  • Isolating patients from their friends and family and removing any methods of contact like phones and computers.  Only approved people are allowed to be contacted at all.  Phone calls are often monitered by therapists, violating any hope of privacy.  Letters are read before being sent and, if the counselor does not approve of the content, they are discarded.
  • Coercing frequent confessions from the patients about how they are sinful or worthless.  Often privileges like the ability to contact family or leave the facility are withheld until the counselor feels the patient expresses enough self-loathing.  Sometimes the patients are required to give these confessions to their family at the beginning of a phone call in order to speak to them at all.
  • Heaping guilt on parents by blaming a gay child on faulty parenting.
  • Telling the patient that God hates and rejects them and that, if they still have homosexual feelings, it is because they don't want to change badly enough.
  • Forbidding patients to engage in activities and hobbies that they enjoy if they are deemed not "masculine" or "feminine" enough.  Males are often restricted from music, art, literature, and theatre.  Females are restricted from sports or other physically intensive activities.  These rules are enforced regardless of the detriment to the patient's future in his/her discipline.
  • Lying about the nature of homosexuality in order to terrify patients into silence on their sexuality.  Ex-gay ministries have been known to conjur up such monumental lies as "all gays have AIDS and are going to die" and "the government will kill you if they find out you are gay."  These lies are told in order to exert control over the patient through fear.
  • Inflicting physical abuse in order to condition gays to fear contact from the same sex.  This abuse includes placing ice or hot coils on the subject's hands while showing images of any same-sex contact or delivering electric shocks when homoerotic images are shown.  Sometimes the subject is told to deliver the shock to themselves whenever they see an image that is "sinful".  If the subject refuses, the button is pushed for them.  Some former patients report feeling ghost pains for the rest of their lives whenever they are touched.
  • "Touch" therapy, which is based on the mistaken assumption that boys experience homosexual feelings because of a lack of fatherly affection.  An older man requires the boy to sit between his legs and he then hugs and fondles the boy repeatedly in order to accustom him to contact from a father-like male figure.
  • Requiring boys to display themselves naked to their counselors and touch their genitals repeatedly to get "in touch" with their masculinity.
  • Telling patients that all homosexuals live short, lonely, and miserable lives and that the only path to fulfillment is through abusive and expensive therapy.

Does this sound like the love of God to you?  Does this sound like the path salvation to you?


I've been doing a little bit of research on "conversion" or "reparative" therapy lately. There are some really heartbreaking stories out there. I feel like this needs to be said, especially to those people I know who oppose the California ban on conversion therapy for minors.

I've gotten enough requests for references that I decided to track down a bunch of my sources and put them here. Some of them are not available on the internet, of course, but I think this should give you a good idea of some of the sick shit that's out there.

[link] -physical torture
[link] -excerpts from a documentary on BYU torture therapy scandal
[link] -rubber band and ammonia pill therapy
[link] -isolation and shaming
[link] -restriction and intimidation
[link] -touch therapy and shaming
[link] -touch therapy leads to sexual assault
[link] -undressing as therapy
[link] - isolation and despair
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RotogonZ Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014
No15-Nathax Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
As a christian, hearing things like this makes me so angery that these people waltz around spreading their hate, AND HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY THEY FOLLOW GOD!?!
It doesn't matter what someone has done, nobody has the right to tell somebody else that God hates them, for the ONLY things that can be said for sure that God hates is 1.sin, because it keeps us from him & 2. The devil, because he uses it to lead us astray.
It's one thing to teach from the Bible, and let people know that something is wrong in an advisery way- like how you'd tell somebody that you should look both ways before crossing the street.
But I could never condone hate from either side, becouse hate can only seperate us, and fester the wounds in our hearts. 
Nobody can ever force another to change, in order for change to occur YOU have to be the one who wants it. As somebody who has chosen that road, I can tell you that it isn't easy, but anything worth doing wont be. I think people should just be allowed to live their lives without anyone forcing their opinions on others.
This goes to those who say that change isn't possible too. By telling people that they have no control over their own selves like that I believe can make a person feel just as trapped as if they were stuck in one of those camps.
It's hysterical how they go around saying that they're SO open-minded, but if someone even suggests that gays can change they get the third degree!?! If somebody is truely open-minded then they'd have to be willing to listen especially to someone they disagree with.
EternalGeekExposed Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013
I suspect that there are probably some people who have changed their orientations (or at least shifted from gay-leaning bi to straight-leaning bi, if nothing else).  However, medical science tells us that these people are enormously in the minority.  It also tells us that attempts to do this are largely very unhealthy and dangerous.  Thus, although I would not claim that a gay person can never change, I would NEVER advise anyone to try it.  If someone chooses to do so anyway, though, there is nothing I can do to stop them.  There are plenty of unhealthy and unnecessary procedures that people go through and it is not my place to tell them that they can't do it.  For some of them, I imagine the change or suppression of their orientation is a relief.  However, we must recognize that the majority of these people are harmed by such attempts.  This is what this piece is about.  I do not want to make generalizations; all I can say with certainty is that the majority of people who try to change their orientation are unsuccessful and are harmed by it.  I choose not to change, after a couple of years of trying.  I am much happier for it!
attila-the-honeypie Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
It's sick... And it really happens too. A friend of mine's cousin was sent, and I can only pray that he has the strength to make it through alright...

EternalGeekExposed Featured By Owner May 28, 2013
I hope he was sent to a less-extreme camp. I'm wishing for the best. Please do what you can to support him through this, and he's always welcome to write to me as well if he needs anything.
dadona777 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013
my dad seems to think so :dummy:
EternalGeekExposed Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013
If anyone reads through this article and looks through the references I have and still supports reparative therapy, they are horrible people. I'm not usually one to pass judgments like that, but I don't care how much they give to charity or how many good deeds they do for neighbors or how many kids they adopt. If they believe it is acceptable to put a child at risk of this kind of torture for ANY reason, they are horrible people and they should be ashamed. A lot of people are just ignorant about the potential damage that this therapy can do. Other people actually voluntarily undergo this therapy because they've been so beaten down and rejected by society/church/family that they honestly think it's the best option. The therapy business thrives on the money that they can charge these broken people. That's why I am trying to spread their lies as far as possible. Thanks for reading, and if your dad reads this and watches those videos and still thinks RT is good, he can go fuck himself. You can tell him I said that lol.
dadona777 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013
I've told my dad about the harm RT can cause, but he insisted that personal accounts and the word of most major psychological organizations are not good enough because they are "biased" toward gay people. the only thing that started to make him think was the fact that one organization (EI in particular) admitted change is not possible through therapy, but he soon afterward continued to blame the victim
EternalGeekExposed Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013
Ugh. I've known people like that, who just shut down when you present them with evidence and insist "that's all just biased. I am obviously right because I know I am." It's pathetic and dangerous.
dadona777 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013
he told me if he'd seen the "signs" beforehand then he would have put me in therapy
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